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Company Profile

CLIC started its operations in the small warehouse of a Métro Richelieu supermarket and experienced a rapid expansion in the first few years. Now, 22 years later, the company has a world-renowned reputation in the food industry for quality, price and innovation and earns revenues of $44 M a year, a number that would have taken normally one to two generations to attain.

In the “ultra-conservative” food business industry, CLIC has managed through innovation and perseverance to position itself as the leader in the import export manufacturing, the marketing and the distribution of ethnic products which ten years ago had never even been introduced on the North American market.

CLIC is specialized in the conditioning and in the transformation of rice, cereals and pulses. Especially for these types of food products, CLIC has developed a competitive advantage in trading. In most cases, CLIC buys its products directly from wholesale distributors and as a result, can market its products to the consumers without going through a middleman.

With its own canning plant, CLIC has become an innovative company in the transformation of international food products such as their 5-bean salad bar mix, available to eat in 1 can, which have been adapted to the norms and tastes of North Americans. The latter is also marketed in Canada, the United States and Overseas.

In addition, CLIC exports pulses such as lentils, chickpeas and broad beans (fava), in bulk or in cans produced in Canada. Mr. Abdelnour initiated the development of the production of those products in Canada. He integrated Agriculture Canada, some farmers and some growers, to create different varieties of those pulses that would adapt to the climate and the Canadian soil. He was the first one to insure the promotion, the sale as well as the market penetration of these products in local and foreign markets.

CLIC’s premises stands approximately 110,000 square feet, including a 6,500 square feet office space at his headquarters in Laval. CLIC also operates an HACCP certified and Federallt licensed (#375) canning plant in Saint-Léonard formerly known as Les Aliments Ramico as well as a manufacturing plant for specialized products such as dried yoghourt, navers marinade, marinated garlic, marinated vegetables. It also owns another distribution center in our National Capital, Ottawa, CLIC Ottawa Foods, and a branch in Toronto, CLIC Toronto Foods, and a distribution centre in Calgary, CLIC Calgary Foods.

CLIC has a very diversified clientele ranging from warehouse stores to convenience stores to ethnic stores, natural food products stores, hotel suppliers, hospitals and restaurants, food processing companies, independent distributors, ship owners and supermarket food chains. The latter has contributed the most to its development, its evolution and its growth and in the near future they should constitute its major trade outlet given that they have adopted the same vision as CLIC concerning the new ethnic clientele.

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